Tips for designing the perfect laundry room for your home

If you are renovating your laundry room or are adding one to your home, careful thought is a must before you do anything. You should first make a list of the things your laundry room needs. Aside from the usual washer and dryer, you also need a laundry trough. This is for those items you can only hand-wash.
laundry trough
Before you call your favorite contractor to work on your laundry room, here are other considerations:
  • How much space you have. The amount of space you have will determine what you can and cannot do to the laundry room. If you have limited space, you have to consider hanging storage units and smaller items. Think about installing a slimline laundry tub instead of a full-sized trough.
  • The shape of your laundry room. Aside from the area, you also need to take note of the shape of your laundry room. Is it a standard square? Is it elongated or rectangular? This will help you to properly design your laundry room to maximize the available space. If you have a square laundry room, you can put storage units on both sides of the room. If it is rectangular, you can put everything on one side so you can have enough space to move around. You also need to think if you will be ironing in the same space or elsewhere. This is to help you decide if an ironing board is necessary. Click here Everhard
  • Equipment and appliances to include. Aside from the laundry trough, what type of washing machine and dryer are you getting? Are you considering a front-loading pair or a top loading duo? Front-loading machines are better since these are stackable to save on space. These also use less water, which equates to more savings.
  • Efficient layout. Also worth considering is how you will arrange your appliances and laundry trough in the laundry room. The best arrangement is one that allows for a smooth workflow. The most efficient design is to have your laundry baskets near the entrance. The washing machine and dryer is next, followed by the trough. This gives you the chance to go from dirty clothes to washing and drying, then to the trough for clothes with stubborn stains. The folding and ironing area can be on the opposite side of this line-up or it can be at the very end.
Where to get the laundry room items you need
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