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Confused between OTC and prescription glasses? Here are pointers to help you decide

Are you having difficulty in reading these days? Book lovers usually have this dilemma. With the various print materials available online and offline for you to enjoy, you will surely experience eye strains if you read from sun up to sun down. Using high-quality reading glasses for your eyes is important to keep up with your passion.

Reading Glasses

But for your peace of mind, there are steps to determine which type of reading glasses you require. Do you read straight from the pages of a book, magazine or journal? Are you part of the millennial crowd who are into electronic books, online newspapers and blogs? Do you love reading and writing or are you doing both? Your reading habit and your lifestyle affect the health of your eyes.

Take a look at these pointers to help you pick the right reading glasses perfect for your eyes:

  1. Book an eye exam with an optometrist

Optometrists are experts in visualising any eye conditions that can affect your reading or writing. Book an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. You may have eye problems that need correction or any underlying health issues that are affecting your vision. For your peace of mind, schedule a visit with a skilled eye doctor.

  1. Use prescription reading glasses

After visiting your local eye specialist, you might be prescribed with reading glasses. However, you may wonder: what makes prescription glasses better than those found at drugstores? Here are the perks of the former:

– Prescription glasses are custom-made for each eye: Your eyes may not need the same power or grade. Using lenses with the wrong power may only cause eye strain, thus one eye may need to work harder than the other.

– Prescription glasses correct astigmatism: This is one problem that drugstore glasses cannot resolve. Not everyone has astigmatism and drugstore glasses are not specialised in correcting this problem.

– Prescription glasses are made with top-calibre lenses: You can expect that prescription bifocal reading glasses clear on top are made using quality materials and meticulous preparation. You will not experience distortions, waves, or bubbles in the lenses. In short, there are no unwanted defects.

– Prescription glasses work with nearsighted people: These types of people require “minus or negative” powered lens. Because of their unique condition, it’s rare to find OTC glasses that come in “minus or negative” lens. They are only available for far sighted people or those with “plus or positive” powered lenses.

  1. When to consider OTC reading glasses

Your doctor may tell you whether you can use the best quality non prescription reading glasses or you can’t. You will know what power is recommended for your eyes to adjust to your reading or writing habit. Inform your doctor about your profession.

Moreover, the type of reading glasses you need may depend on what you do or enjoy. If you spend eight hours a day in front of the PC, you may need a different type of grade as compared to someone who reads a lot or works on fine details.

To top it off…

Reading glasses come in various shapes and power. Depending on the results of your eye exam, you may need prescription glasses or bifocal reading glasses non prescription. However, make sure to buy several pairs of inexpensive OTC reading glasses just to be safe. This will ensure that you will always have a pair within reach if ever you lose or break a pair.

Tips for designing the perfect laundry room for your home

If you are renovating your laundry room or are adding one to your home, careful thought is a must before you do anything. You should first make a list of the things your laundry room needs. Aside from the usual washer and dryer, you also need a laundry trough. This is for those items you can only hand-wash. laundry trough Before you call your favorite contractor to work on your laundry room, here are other considerations:
  • How much space you have. The amount of space you have will determine what you can and cannot do to the laundry room. If you have limited space, you have to consider hanging storage units and smaller items. Think about installing a slimline laundry tub instead of a full-sized trough.
  • The shape of your laundry room. Aside from the area, you also need to take note of the shape of your laundry room. Is it a standard square? Is it elongated or rectangular? This will help you to properly design your laundry room to maximize the available space. If you have a square laundry room, you can put storage units on both sides of the room. If it is rectangular, you can put everything on one side so you can have enough space to move around. You also need to think if you will be ironing in the same space or elsewhere. This is to help you decide if an ironing board is necessary. Click here Everhard
  • Equipment and appliances to include. Aside from the laundry trough, what type of washing machine and dryer are you getting? Are you considering a front-loading pair or a top loading duo? Front-loading machines are better since these are stackable to save on space. These also use less water, which equates to more savings.
  • Efficient layout. Also worth considering is how you will arrange your appliances and laundry trough in the laundry room. The best arrangement is one that allows for a smooth workflow. The most efficient design is to have your laundry baskets near the entrance. The washing machine and dryer is next, followed by the trough. This gives you the chance to go from dirty clothes to washing and drying, then to the trough for clothes with stubborn stains. The folding and ironing area can be on the opposite side of this line-up or it can be at the very end.
Where to get the laundry room items you need Once you’ve decided on the equipment and other items your laundry room needs, it’s time to go shopping. Everhard Industries is where you can look for laundry sinks and other laundry water equipment needs. You can also find laundry tapware, kitchen tapware, and kitchen sinks here. They can also provide you with drainage solutions such as stormwater drainage products. They also have other drainage solutions that you can use for your home. Whether you need a channel drain, rainwater pits, or pollutant traps, they have it for you. Visit their site at to see what options you have for your laundry room, kitchen, and outdoor drainage needs.

Canary deployment: What is it, how it’s used, and what are its benefits?

Birds! That’s probably the first thing you thought about when talking about canary deployment. Yes, it’s true that the inspiration behind this technology actually came from canaries. But in software development, it implies a different thing and is used for different purposes.


In a nutshell, canary deployment is a technique in rolling out software or system updates and releases gradually to a subset of servers and users. Software developers do this to control the risk of the update. This is their way of making sure only a small number of users or servers will be affected should the change go awry.

The idea comes from the practice used in the mining industry. In the past, miners release canaries over the pit to measure the toxicity level of the area. The presence of toxic gases would affect the birds first before the miners. And miners can tell if the area is unsafe if the canaries show signs of distress. For some reasons, British mines stopped using this technique in 1987. Check it out at kublr


In software development, canary deployment serves the same function. A new software version is launched to a limited number of users first. The developers will monitor the change and make updates before rolling out the version to the entire infrastructure.

Making incremental code changes through canary releases is one of the best features of container orchestration tools. Why so? For enterprise apps with billions of users around the world, it’s too risky to roll out an update for public use. What’s most practical is to introduce the version to a subset of users first. The deployment process has three basic phases:

  1. Launch the update to one or more canary users or servers
  2. Test, monitor, and wait until the results are satisfactory
  3. Launch to the remaining users or servers

These phases could also be done in three approaches–automation, manual testing, and via a live server. Whichever approach you plan to do, make sure it’s carefully laid out.


Today, the use of containerised software development and deployment brought massive benefits to businesses. Specifically, canary releases via different container orchestration platforms, such as Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm, can produce the following benefits:

  1. Provide value to customers in less time
  2. Collect customer feedback faster
  3. Allows the developers to fix problems and improve features faster
  4. Reduce time-to-market
  5. Boost the morale of developers with the division of tasks and workloads
  6. Low-risk performance monitoring and testing
  7. Ease of rollback when there’s a need to debug
  8. Ease of doing A/B split testing different versions of a software

Lastly, an important thing to take note is the fact that the canary release is an integral part of container orchestration platform, such as the Kubernetes architecture diagram. This feature affords entrepreneurs and developers a safer way to make software updates. Take time to see what happens. Do some debugging. And make the final release available to everybody. At Kublr, it has been the company’s goal to provide business owners with Kubernetes solutions, including canary deployment and other related services. For more information, visit their website at: