5 reasons why you should never fail to give trophies as rewards

The winner takes it all—the pride, the bragging rights, the cheers, and of course, the trophy! But have you ever wondered why athletes get sports trophies and not food, precious stones, or cash?” In this article, we’ll explore the importance of giving trophies as rewards.


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1. Trophies are tokens of triumph

Everything falls silent. The crowd goes wild. You see your family and friends in the bleachers jump to the air. Nothing beats the feeling of hearing your name announced as the winner. And, a trophy will help you relive that glorious moment.

Imagine lying on your bed, drowning in self-doubt because of a bad day at work or at school. But then you roll over and see a glint on your shelf.

With just one look at that shiny trophy sitting on your rack, you remember winning something. You start to say to yourself “Maybe things are not so bad. I can do better next time.” Instantly, you regain respect for yourself for persevering in the past. And then, you feel better about yourself. That’s the magic of trophies.

2. They are unique and valuable

As for the question, “Why sports trophies and not food, precious stones, or cash”? Well, the simple answer is that these tokens of victory are distinct and provide undeniable value.

Say, any rich woman can buy a diamond necklace. But with a trophy? You have to earn it, first. In that case, a trophy will be the perfect reward for a competitive event.

3. Giving trophies is a good form of positive reinforcement

In any profession that rewards consistency, giving trophies will likely encourage it.

In B. F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning theory, he believes that giving positive reinforcement—such as a praise, trophy, cash, or recognition—will make the person repeat the behaviour that led them to getting that reinforcement.

So, for example, if you want your employees to be constantly productive and high-performing, giving them yearly awards will help them perform better.

So, don’t hesitate to buy those sets of Australian sports trophies, so your staff can know that their efforts are seen, heard, and appreciated.

4. They are symbols of gratitude for the recipient’s effort and time

All those humid days and chilly nights spent practising—what were they for?

The feeling of winning something may be sweet, but it might instantly fleet; therefore, a reward has to stand for something else, other than victory.

Sports trophies, for instance, would be the ideal symbol of gratitude for the athlete’s grit—they wouldn’t have gotten that win, if they gave up so easily. For that reason, the perfect reward is a trophy—a symbol that stands for their struggles and not just their acquired victory.

5. They help motivate a team

Seeing the winner jump in joy and bring home a trophy, it may make the other competitors envious or disheartened. Regardless, this will motivate them to do better next time.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to give tangible rewards, such as gold sports trophies in Australia. This will inspire them to improve their skills, so they can get one in the future, too.

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